The Non Horror Halloween Antispectacular.

Halloween for the hardened horrorhound can, at times, be like Christmas for a North Pole Elf. Who cares? I watch horror every day of the week anyway. So Halloween is on TV for the umpteenth time; I watched it last week at my nan's birthday party. With that in mind, The Horror Review Hole decided to watch and review something a little bit different this year: 31 movies (and a TV show or two) that were definitely outside of our beloved horror genre. Happy Halloween.

1. Mean Girls
11. Avatar
12. Titanic
16. Babe
23. Elf
24. Grease


  1. Oh, I stopped by here to cheer me up because you always make me laugh with your hilarious posts, but now all I'm thinking about is that episode of Futurama that makes me cry like a small child.
    Hope you are well, my dear. So sorry for my recent neglect of your awesomeness. Everything went a bit shit here for a while. Will be back in action soon though and fully appreciating the brilliant posts I've missed.

  2. Aha, good to hear it's not just me that's crying like a small child then.

    I was getting worried for a while there about your recent absence. I hope everything turns out okay at your end and look forward to your return!