The Gruesome Death Of Tommy Pistol

Director: Aramis Sartorio (2010)
Starring: Tommy Pistol, Daisy Sparks, Camilla Lim, Jon Lee Brody
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Singlehandedly the most sickening thing I've watched since The Taint. As a man does unspeakable things with a cheese grater and another eats a pie made of chicken feet and drugs, I did a little bit of sick in my mouth. The Gruesome Death Of Tommy Pistol, although it takes a little longer to get going, is every bit as sick and degenerate as The Taint (my favourite Indie film of last year, by the way) and maybe even a little more so in places.

Tommy Pistol consists of a number of viginettes, each more disgusting than the last, framed around a man having masturbatory fantasies whilst a hot dog burns in the microwave. The first viginette plays like Forrest Gump meets 9mm meets A Serbian Film sort of thing, all ball gags and kitchen equipment. Because I have a weak stomach, it's my favourite segment. Less gloop than everywhere else in the film. The second bit features a truly bizarre celebrity cameo, the best Terminator 2 skit I have ever seen and the protagonist dressing up in another man's skin, all Leatherface style. Part three is utterly revolting body horror and pornography in the very worst best uniquest way.

Much like The Taint, this isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea (especially if you don't like your tea with extra sewage) but is quite brilliant if you can look past the technical shortcomings and fart jokes. It's Herschell Gordon Lewis crossed with John Waters crossed with Two Girls One Cup. Most of all though, it has heart, it's delightfully over the top and doesn't take itself too seriously. I laughed at most of the jokes. It's great fun and I'd recommend it to all fans of budget horror. But beware, you may never be able to look at a cheese grater in quite the same way again.

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