Steel Trap

Director: Luis Camara (2007)
Starring: Georgia Mackenzie, Mark Wilson, Pascal Langdale
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An irritating cross between Die Hard and Saw 2. One New Years' Eve, a disparate gang of bickering bastards meet for a secret party as organised by an unknown source. There are party balloons, nursery rhymes and cake and everything. No booze though, which they should have taken as the first sign to get the fuck outta there. But the piteous fools don't get outta there, and soon find themselves hunted by the party's host - a sinister psychopath wearing sparkly gloves and a metal-looking skull mask.

Steel Trap so wants to be a Saw movie that it's embarrassing. Aside from a few balloons and less cancerous whingeing, it follows the template of a Saw right down to the pig's head and barbed wire. It's a boring film, full of bickering, mediocre performances and a distinct lack of gore. Georgia Mackenzie plays the lead character, a celebrity chef. It's good that she's front and centre, since everyone else is shouty and annoying. Never mind the murder and all the torture, the guest list already makes this the party from hell.

When the revellers weren't arguing and being stupid, I enjoyed some of the kill scenes, the glittery killer and some of the more surreal set designs. The ball gag enthusiast in me coveted the silver piece a character wears at one point.

This aside, Steel Trap is boring, overlong and predictable. Occasional bouts of prettiness can't make up for its lack of imagination, annoying characterisation and rubbish actors. Steel Crap, more like.


  1. People in ball gags are usually not my kind of movies, but your description is funny.

  2. Well no, I myself tend to hate movies in which people wear ball gags (they're usually dull and stupid) but the balls themselves make me LOL. Case in point, Steel Trap.

    Cheers for the kind words.