Scream 2

Director: Wes Craven (1997)
Starring: Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette
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Two years later, and the events of the original Scream have been turned into a movie, imaginatively entitled Stab. Actually, I would blatantly watch any movie called Stab. It replays the opening scene with Drew Barrymore, only this time starring Heather Graham. Because it's a movie within a movie, see? Then the 'real' killings get underway as Ghostface totally murders Jada Pinkett in the cinema and her boyfriend in the toilet. At least, I think that's what happens, I might be getting confused with Scary Movie again.

The kill scenes in Scream 2 are certainly a lot more satisfying than the original movie's. Jada Pinkett getting herself stabbed up is a cheer-inducing moment (albeit only since she's become a fucking Pinkett-Smith and bred those horrible fucking children), followed by the death of a certain Jamie Kennedy. I know his character has a name, but I like picturing Jamie Kennedy being dragged into the stab van too much to remember. The death of Jamie Kennedy earns Scream 2 an extra Scream Queen.

But swings and roundabouts by golly, you also got the franchise's most traumatizing moment. Officer Dewey (Arquette) is attacked by the killer and stabbed repeatedly. Since he's the movie's only likeable character and such a nice guy, it's kinda heartwrenching to watch his apparent death. But not really, Dewey survives and gets to fight another day. And by that I mean, 'gets to be the best thing about Scream 3 as well'.

Scream 2 often gets a bum rap, usually accused of not being as good as its predecessor. I like it just fine, though. There are more kills, better gore gags, and Jamie Kennedy ends up in a bodybag. Everyone's a winner. At least it isn't Scream 3, anyway.

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  1. I prefer Scream 2 to the first, it has some a incredible sequences! The car and sound proof room in particular are awesome.