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At the inception of my love for all things horror, there was Robert Englund. Before I even knew horror was a 'thing', I was stood in a VHS rental shop with my parents, browsing the cassettes. Every time I visited a video shop, aside from all the Disney (hey, I was nine), it was the Freddy Krueger videos that always caught my attention. I would covet those Nightmare On Elm Street cassettes - with their gaudy, terrifying cover art - not even able to imagine the fateful nights when I would gleefully work my way through the Elm Street box set collection, from A Nightmare On Elm Street to Wes Craven's New Nightmare. In the corner of that video store stood a cardboard cutout of Freddy Krueger; the embodiment of my future of a horror fanboy. Years later, I watched Freddy's Dead, late at night, on TV after bedtime. From there, I was hooked.

Robert Englund is perhaps the biggest name in horror. The One True Freddy Krueger, Mister Englund is a genuine icon. His latest movie is The Mole Man Of Belmont Avenue, in which he plays a cranky tenant menaced by the titular Mole Man. I was lucky enough to speak with Mr. Englund. The full interview can be found at

What can you tell us about The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue?

It's a low budget slacker Ghostbusters. I'm one of the tenants of a building inherited by two slacker brothers; and there's a creature that's eating all the pets. The tenants band together like vigilantes.

What attracted you to the project?

Both Mike and John's reputation preceded them – I knew they were a great comedy duo – and then I got the script and I loved it. I was laughing, I didn't put it down. I immediately called my agent up and said “I'd love to do this.” They had these incredible locations. They have such a great talent pool in Chicago that they can borrow from. I don't get to do a lot of comedy - it's always a gift when somebody lets me do it.

Do you look for anything particular in a role?

My rule has been, since Freddy vs Jason, that I will go where I'm wanted. The blessing for me is that horror and science fiction movies are huge internationally. I just finished a film in Bulgaria. And I was in your neck of the woods (England) in June. I just did a movie in the Shaun Of The Dead tradition called Strippers vs Werewolves.

Robert Englund everybody.

The full interview can be found at, where I also talk to the movie's writer & director duo, John LeFlamboy and Mike Bradecich, and hear Mr. Englund's thoughts on horror comedies and details on a potential new franchise amongst other things. See for more details on The Mole Man Of Belmont Avenue.


  1. Joel. I am so jealous that I think I might explode. My single greatest aspiration as a horror blogger is to talk with Robert Englund and you have done it. Wow. Congratulations to you.

  2. Thank you. It was an honour. As a horror fan, icons don't come much bigger than Robert Englund. I feel so lucky.