TOTAL FILM 173: The Yours Truly Edition

If you'll excuse the self-indulgent mitherings of a braggart, I beg of y'all to go out and purchase a copy of Total Film #173 (available from most good retailers... well, in Britain anyway). It's very good and it contains a list of the 25 greatest horror movies of all time, as well as interviews with Tobe Hooper and John Carpenter. But not the least because it has me in it.

Yes, do tune in to Issue 173 for my interview with Emma Watson, a Rachel McAdams/Anne Hathaway face off and lots and lots of uncredited untyping jobs. Transcribing exclusive John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper interview tapes is a highlight of this idiot horrorhound's life so far. Plus I think I might be ever so slightly a lot in love with Emma Watson. So yes, go out and buy a copy now. I'll love you forever.

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