Run Fatboy Run: Tubby Horror Idiot Edition

As some of you may or may not care know, for the past eight weeks I have been training to run a 10 kilometre mini-marathon thing in memory of my late little brother, Jake. You can donate some cash to the cause here; and some already have. Thank you to the completely awesome Jinx of Totally Jinxed fame. Not only did she send a little money my way, but she provided no short supply of support too. Thanks Jinx - consider this post in your honour. Plus, your blog is one of my favourites.

Well today I went out and I ran those 10 kilometres*. I did it in one hour and three minutes - pretty good, when one considers the fact that I fully expected that little jog to properly kill me. Even better when one considers the fact that I've been doing nothing but drinking beer, eating McMuffins and watching stupid horror movies for the entirety of my 'training'. My still being alive is testament to the fact that doing things the half-assed way will out sometimes. To be fair, my viewing schedule did consist of Run Fatboy Run (my main source of inspiration), Marathon Man (useless) and Running Man (gotta be prepared for violent emergencies). I ate a Snickers bar just before too (GET IT**).

Anyhoo, it's kinda bad form to talk about oneself in a movie blog, so we'll nip it in the bud now. Thanks once more to Jinx and everyone else who donated and didn't take the piss. Thanks too to Simon Pegg, for being a massive inspiration and man-crush. Now, back to the reviews of shitty horror and silly Youtube music videos.

* Except for that one time I had to stop and tie my laces
** Because they used to be called Marathon - GET ITT


  1. I don't think I'll ever have it in me to run a marathon! You're my hero now. Congrats on your achievements!

    P.S. I loved Run Fatboy Run.

  2. You are a complete hero, Joel! Even more so now you've done this mini marathon lark. Thanks for my post, I love it!