2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams

Director: Tim Sullivan (2010)
Starring: Bill Moseley, Lin Shaye, Christa Campbell
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Disclaimer: I didn't watch this movie all the way through. But there is actually nothing that could possibly ever have happened in the last twenty minutes to earn this shitty movie even one Scream Queen. Field Of Screams is literally unwatchable. It makes the previous Maniacs movies look Oscarworthy and Herschell Gordon Lewis like Dario Argento. 2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams is maybe the worst movie of 2010 so far and definitely the worst STD sequel to anything half-good since Wrong Turn 3. This isn't hyperbole or the whinings of a man incapable of appreciating cheesy splatter (I loved the original 2001 Maniacs): Field Of Screams is atrocious in every single way. It's irredeemable toss without any of the spirit, creativity, fun or Robert Englund that its predecessor possesses. I hate this movie and I hate myself for watching it.

After supplies run dry back home, the 2001 Maniacs take to the road in search of fresh meat. In a school bus. Yes, a supposed 2001 maniacs travel around in an apparently TARDIS sized school bus. I'm not sure if there are even 20 maniacs in this movie, let alone 2001. They're almost outnumbered by their Northern prey. Their victims are a gaggle of Hollywood TV types, creating a TV show that's apparently supposed to be spoofing the Paris & Nicole thing. Hilarious characterisation gets us a Jewish money-grabbing director with stereotypical sideburn things, a Mexican chappy called Jesus, some blonde bimbos and black people who constantly refer to their own skin colour. Field Of Screams mistakes edginess for racism and has its characters speak in a series of racial slurs and epithets. Thankfully, I was too busy being offended by its all-out shittiness than its racism. No-one will really be offended by this movie because no-one of any consequence or intelligence will get much further than the horrible title sequence.

I feel bad for my poor brain cells but even worse for Bill Moseley and Lin Shaye, who are far too good for the likes of this crap. Moseley gives it his all, but there's only so far talent and charisma will get you when nobody else has any. I'm genuinely embarrassed for poor Shaye, forced into a series of ridiculous costumes and scenarios.

Even when one considers its low-budget splatterpunk aspirations, Field Of Screams is a failure. It's terrible, both technically and morally. I've seen better horror, better acting and better scripting on Youtube. Every single thing about it is shit. The South's Gonna Rise Again? I fucking hope not.


  1. I agree with everything you said, Joel. This was a terrible movie in every sense of the word. I reviewed this one, too, and it took me more than three times to make it to the end. I wasn't a huge fan of Sullivan's initial remake, but it's far more tolerable than this sequel.

  2. oh God how low can this franchise go down so easily. 2001 maniacs was good for me, but this?! HOW?!