Final Destination 2

Director: David R Ellis (2003)
Starring: AJ Cook, Ali Larter, Michael Landes, Tony Todd
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I saw this movie before I'd seen the original. And furthermore, I saw this three times in a row. At the cinema. And I've seen it about once on DVD and three or so times since on television. Final Destination 2 is not only my favourite sequel in the series but it's my favourite overall instalment too, beating the original in terms of fun, gore and inventiveness.

This time there's an enormous pile-up on a motorway, averted by a premonition from Kimberly (Cook) who pulls her own car over and saves a bunch of lives in the process. Again, Death is displeased and forced to clean up the spillage. Cue some of the best carnage this side of an episode of Casualty. Thank you, Final Destination 2, for forever making me terrified of the dentist. Every death in this movie is a classic. My particular favourites are the car crash in the field (hmm, if I thought Death himself was out to get me, the last place you'd see me would be in a fucking car) and the guy who slips on spaghetti and gets poked in the eye with a ladder.

Tony Todd and Ali Larter make welcome returns. The bodycount is increased, there's more gore and there's quite a bit of tension to the final act. Admittedly, I hate the sequence which tries to tie everyone and everything into the events of the first film, but a cool kill bit is never far away, distracting from such silliness.

I love Final Destination 2. Alack, the sequels are mostly downhill from here, but even then there you'll find an entertaining bit of splatter or two to perk things up. Bless them though, they've still not recognised how stupid they sound, putting numbers near the word 'final'.

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  1. Agreed! Part 2 has always been my favorite of the series and definitely a few steps above the original.

    And to this day, I will never drive behind a big truck that is carrying logs or those big pipes or whatever, because I always picture them falling off, smashing through my windshield, and impaling/obliterating me.