Saturday Morning Comix: Mirror Mirror & Locked Out

Two digital comics from the independent publishers at DarkBrain today. The comics over at DarkBrain are designed for a mature audience, so I'd advise discretion when downloading the links. The Beano this ain't. In fact, I haven't seen this much shagging and nudity in a comic book since I flicked through that paperback of Lost Girls in Borders that one time.

Locked Out: Eye Opener is a 35-page one shot which tells the story of Emily. One day, poor Emily finds she's lost complete contol of her own body and all of its functions. Controlled by what seems to be an alien force (Lovecraftian tentacles FTW), she's forced into a series of steamy and quite explicit encounters. Locked Out reads like Species on (more) heat, 2000AD's Future Shocks on viagra, or HP Lovecraft in a spectacularly horny mood.

It's a fun enough concept, even if it does read like a thin excuse to show lots of sex, boobs and penis. But that's okay: I like sex, boobs and penis. The art, whilst not to my taste, does a good enough job with the sexytimes and occasional bursts of violence and gore. It features the most disturbing depiction of a flaccid penis I've ever seen and plenty of squirmsome tentacle-to-eyeball trauma. This Cronenberg-esque use of body horror works well, and is perhaps Locked Out's strongest point.

As an introduction to DarkBrain comics, Locked Out certainly is a bit of an Eye Opener. On this evidence, I'd be very interested in seeing what else they have to offer. Talking of which:

Mirror Mirror is a five issue arc and, in contrast, seems a little more considered and plot-orientated. It's a story of demonic curses and dominatrixes. I like demonic curses and I like dominatrixes, so I found Mirror Mirror an engaging read. Bitch boss Brenna lives a double-life in more than one way. By day, she works at an office making her employees' life hell. By night, she plays dominatrix and enjoys a little literal ball-busting and making men cry. She's also cursed by her demonic one-time sister Mirriam (you see what they did there) to lose everything and everyone she loves. It's a lengthy story full of blackmail, betrayal and boobies.

Brenna, by the way, is modelled on adult star Tabitha Stevens. Stevens provides the comic's foreword, and even voices the character for the online version at the website.

The artwork is well suited to the story, delivering us page upon page of gorgeous women, hunky men, pert breasts and girthsome lovelengths. Still, it's not going to be for everyone, and I would stress the comic's 'mature readers' label. As with Locked Out, Miriam is promised further adventures. I'd certainly be interested in seeing where DarkBrain's Dark Brain can take her story next. If you like your comic book horror with a bit of added steam, I'd thoroughly recommend you check out DarkBrain. Just, um, not while you're at work.

Locked Out: Eye Opener -

Mirror Mirror: Forgiveness -

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