The Official Zombie Handbook (UK)

Written by: Sean T Page (2010)

At last, a zombie survival guide that caters for us Brits. I was beginning to worry that, come the zombie apocalypse, I'd have to watch my beloved country fall beneath the raging hordes. Not so anymore, with Sean T Page's Official Zombie Handbook (UK). I fear that it'll fall on deaf ears, since no-one reads books anymore. But it's very nice to have the option.

And it's very nice to have The Official Zombie Handbook too. Especially with a cover image like that. Straight from The Ministry Of Zombies itself, The Guide covers everything every English zombie survivalist should know, from the effectiveness of our police force to the availability of good weapons on Z-Day. Anyone who's seen Shaun Of The Dead will go straight for the cricket bat, but the Guide gives us a handy number of viable alternatives, just in case.

The book is well-written, well-illustrated (I would put that cover image on my wall) and comprehensive. It's certainly food for thought, and everything builds to help put together a 90-day zombie survival plan. Even to someone as well-versed in zombie cinema as myself, I found the book informative and useful. It's wickedly funny too, which is always a bonus.

Even if you're not UK bound, The Zombie Handbook is worth a read. Come the apocalypse, it's nice to know how the rest of the world will be tackling things. Beyond that, it's a fun bit of cultural anthropology and an all-around good read.

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