The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2: The Joel H Edition.

Director: Tobe Hooper (1986)
Starring: Dennis Hopper, Caroline Williams, Jim Siedow
Find it: IMDB, Arrow Video

The greatest sequel of all time to the greatest horror film of all time. Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Part 2 is a completely different piece to that which preceded it, in terms of style, tone, visuals and story. Not content with just replaying the previous film from a slightly different angle, this sequel is very much its own beast. But we already know that: I reviewed it ages ago, remember?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre returns with this Blu-ray release from Arrow Video, a truly majestic box set featuring not only the movie itself, but a definitive set of special features, short films (including his Eggshells), interviews and a commemorative book. And also, me.

Yes, the surprisingly hefty book which accompanies Arrow's box set includes a piece written by yours truly - The Saw is Family: The Further Adventures of Leatherface and Co - a thorough history of the Sawyer family's adventures in sequelisation. Needless to say, I'm incredibly proud of this achievement and the finished piece. Even if it didn't have me in it, I would recommend the hell out of this set. It's comprehensive, glossy and beautiful. It has Dennis Hopper fighting Leatherface and his family with a chainsaw. The book also has plenty of pictures of Dennis Hopper and his chainsaw.

Pictured: Me.

 If you've not seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Part 2, I'd recommend this box set. If you have seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Part 2, I'd recommend this box set. Basically, I would recommend this box set. It is the greatest thing anyone has ever created. I especially liked the book. Particularly that one article. You know, the one I wrote.

I may be slightly biased, though.

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