Bride Of Chucky

Director: Ronny Yu (1998)
Starring: Dolls.
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Ex-squeeze Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) resurrects demon doll Chucky (Brad Dourif). The pair have a lovers' tiff, and Chucky murders the poor girl. Then, because it's either that or fuck with Andy Barclay some more (ha, I've just realised that Andy is the name of the kid in Toy Story too) he brings Tiff back as a doll like himself. Hilarity follows. Except it doesn't, really.

Bride Of Chucky is very much of its time, eschewing horror in favour of crappy jokes and stupid 'comedy'. And, because Scream came out only two years earlier, references to other movies. Despite looking better than before, Chucky is no longer scary in the least. Ahem, not that I would ever be scared of a ginger doll. And Jennifer Tilly, hot as she was in Bound, is a fucking horrible actress. She's much more suited to Family Guy, where all the voice acting is terrible and she's not ruining franchises and is easily avoidable because I'd never fucking watch Family Guy. I guess I should be thankful that she spends so much time in her movies with a gag in her mouth. What I'm saying is, I'm not a fan of Jennifer Tilly.

Otherwise, it's perfectly adequate. The Child's Play franchise is far from revered anyway (beyond, perhaps the first two) and this is a more watchable piece than either its predecessor (the silly Child's Play 3) or sequel. Brad Dourif is predictably good, whilst there are a few worthwhile gore gags. Bride Of Chucky isn't an inherently bad idea, but fails to gel together as a coherent whole. It's fun though, if completely disposable and immediately forgettable. Director Ronny Yu would go on to miss the point of Freddy Vs Jason too, turning the whole thing into a sort of horror WWF. Like this, the very definition of a guilty pleasure.

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