Night Of The Demons (2009)

Director: Adam Gierasch (2009)
Starring: Edward Furlong, Shannon Elizabeth, Linnea Quigley, Michael Arata
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An all-growed up but still quite cherubic Edward Furlong battles demons in a haunted house on Halloween. There are also breasts, sex and quite a lot of gore. What more do you need to know? Furlong plays a harrassed drug dealer trapped in a New Orleans mansion where demons are unleashed and dangerous games of spin the bottle are played. A demon shags a woman up the botty until she turns into a demon too, and unpleasant things are done with a tube of lipstick. Can Furlong and his crew of fellow partiers survive until daybreak? For all its gross-out horror and, um, Shannon Elizabeth, Night Of The Demons is like American Pie crossed with From Dusk Till Dawn.

If that sounds terrible, it's because Night Of The Demons '09 is pretty terrible. But in the very best way. It's tasteless and horrible and the pacing sucks - it takes too long to get going and there are too many lulls in the action -but it makes for an eminently watchable movie. Sincerely, this is Shannon Elizabeth's best performance to date. Make of that rather odd sentence what you will. For all its considerable faults, Night Of The Demons is a fun movie. It's a funny but unironic splatterfest in the tradition of such classics as Evil Dead, the original Night Of The Demons and Braindead. It's not as good as any of those movies, but infinitely more preferable than yet another modern torture bit. I loved Night Of The Demons. But yes, I am ever so slightly ashamed to admit that.

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  1. Woohoo! Finally someone else who appreciated this for what it is - a GOOD bad movie. All I really ask of any horror flick is bare boobs, gore, a few laughs and a good time. While it was far from a good movie, NoTD delivered on all counts. (Demonization via butt sex and lines like "Well maybe pantry's french for fucking deathtrap!" only added to my enjoyment.) Good stuff!