Guest Posters Sought

As some eagle-eyed readers may have noticed, this place has been going to the dogs lately. Updates few and far between, a lack of comments - frankly, fuck the Horror Review Hole. Seeing as I'm the sole proprietor and Porkhead here, the blame is entirely at my feet. But allow me to make some excuses: I got a day job, after six months or so of unemployment (my most productive six months in terms of writing and reviews) and a number of writing gigs elsewhere. While you can still find me writing at Starburst Magazine, HorrorTalk and HorrorNews on a very regular basis, that leaves the humble Horror Review Hole undermanned and unloved. 

And so, in an unprecedented move on my part, I'm putting out a call to arms; a cry for help. Do you speak English proper? Is you're spelling and grammar of a fairly decent level? Do you too abhor the words 'banter', 'lad' and overenthusiastic use of exclamation marks? Do you fucking love swearing? Are you talented, but not quite as talented as me? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, no, maybe, or no idea, then get in touch! I'm seeking guest posters and reviewers to pick up some of the slack when I'm too tired or simply can't be fucked to produce anything.   

The rules: you can review whatever you want, as long as it's horror or cult related, and I haven't done so before myself. You can review movies, books or videogames. You can even write an opinion piece (as long as it's not Nazi propaganda or an article about how great Adele is). I won't pay you, but you will get full credit and a link to your blog/facebook/myspace/home address or whatever else you want plugging. Original, interesting new voices are welcome. Don't be better than me though, because I'm still the star of the show, alright. 

Submit all enquiries to with an initial Paypal donation of at least £5.

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