But not at all like any of those films.

Director: Ben Wheatley (2012)
Starring: Steve Oram, Alice Lowe, Eileen Davies
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At last, someone has made a serial killer road movie about my sort of people. That someone is Ben Wheatley, director of the headfuck hitman film Kill List. Those people to whom I was referring are Tina (Lowe) and Chris (Oram) - proper Brummies, complete with the accent. Are yow alright, am ya?  

It's meet-cute in a Ken Loach kind of way. Chris and Tina decide to holiday together in his caravan, the former promising to take the latter on a "sexual odyssey", stopping off at some of Britain's finest sights (a pencil museum!) as they go. Well, there's only so much arse sex one can have. Only Chris has serious anger management issues, and frequently finds himself bumping off innocent people along the way. Thankfully Tina is more open to the idea of serial murder than most, and joins Chris in his killing spree. It's quite sweet, in its own little way. It also confirms my own private prejudice, that you should never trust anyone who wears a fleece.

Sightseers is laugh out loud funny without once compromising plot or character. It is, at times, shockingly crude and violent. There are jokes about everything from bum sex to (accidental) animal murder. And even as Chris and Tina violently slaughter innocent bystanders, they're such an adorable couple. The ending (although mildly predictable) is a little bit heartbreaking. Its beautiful soundtrack allows me to appreciate the 'Power of Love' again without having to condone that fucking awful John Lewis advert. Television adverts are not proper stories, people - even if they do emotionally blackmail you into buying shit from John Lewis. If you want to cry, watch Jurassic Bark instead. Ahem. But yeah, Sightseers has a great soundtrack.

It may not have appeared in many cinemas at all, but Sightseers is hands down funnier than anything that did this year. If you chose to see Breaking Wind or Adam Sandler playing a version of himself in a dress over this, well, congratulations on making the world a slightly worse place to live in.

Sightseers is the funniest comedy of the year, ay it.

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