The 30 Minute Horror Challenge

Well, I don't have the patience to do anything for 30 days, let alone regularly update this blog. Which is a shame, because I would have entitled it something witty like 30 Days Of Shite and maybe even done a little picture on photoshop. Instead I'm going to do this in one long post and put a picture of Jack Bauer above all the words I've written. Because, geddit, Jack Bauer had a deadline in 24 just like I had a deadline to write this. Geddit? Get it? GET IT.

This being quite the popular meme, there are a few other blogs that have done this before me, and much better at that. Thanks to all those guys and to whoever started this whole thing off. Come to think of it, I might have done the wrong one, because these questions aren't the ones other people have been answering. Oops.

Disclaimer. This did not take me 30 minutes. It took me an hour.


1. Your first horror movie: One of the Nightmare On Elm Street movies. After bedtime, forbidden from doing so by my mother. I think it was Freddy's Dead. She cut the plug off've the TV when she found out. But I win because I became a warped asshole of my own doing anyway.

2. The Last horror movie you saw in the theater: It's been awhile since I saw a horror at the cinema. It was either The Crazies or a Saw, whichever was the most recent.

3. Favourite classic horror movie: How do you define classic? If you mean 'old' then Texas Chain Saw Massacre or Evil Dead. If you mean 'really old', then Bride Of Frankenstein.

4. A horror movie you thought you'd love but didn't: House of 1000 Corpses, and then again with The Devil's Rejects and Halloween. Robert sure does love to fuck with people's expectations. Even that episode of CSI sucks.

5. Favourite horror remake: The Hills Have Eyes.

6. Favourite vampire movie: The first Blade. Or, if that's not horror enough for ya, 30 Days Of Night.

7. A horror movie you think no-one has seen: Decadent Evil Dead. You're not missing much, although there is a dwarf vampire hunter.

8. Favourite foreign horror: Ichi The Killer. More of a gangster thriller, but it's still fucking horrifying.

9. Favourite supernatural horror: Evil Dead every time.

10. Horror movie everyone loves but you don't: The first Saw movie. I mean, it's fine enough, but it's no classic. The emperor's wearing no clothes. And also, he's ripping off Se7en. For one I actually hate, see Switchblade Romance.

11. Favourite horror/comedy: Funny Games. No, Shaun Of The Dead, obviously.

12. Most disturbing horror film: I don't really get 'disturbed', but I couldn't finish August Underground. Ew. If I wanted to see *that* I would've watched 2 Girl
s One Cup.

13. Favourite zombie movie: Re-Animator.

14. Favourite Indie movie: Indiana Jones And The Temple of - oh, sorry, I see what you mean. The Taint.

15. Favourite monster movie: Jurassic Park.

16. Horror film with a great soundtrack: Shaun Of The Dead. Two Queen songs, I mean 'nuff said, really.

17. Favourite 80s' horror: Maniac Cop. Underrated as hell.

18: Favourite horror movie filmed in black and white: Night Of The Living Dead, although I've seen embarrassingly few black and white films.

19. Best use of gore: Pretty much all of Braindead, particularly the lawnmower stuff.

20. Favourite horror character: Resisting the urge to say Ash, I'll go with Lefty Enright (Dennis Hopper) in The Texas Chain saw Massacre 2, closely followed by Benny (Ken Foree) in Leatherface.

21. Best horror franchise: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, but not The Next Generation and less so the remake and its sequel.

22. Best death scene: I liked Paris Hilton getting twatted with a pole in House Of Wax, but the final scenes of Freddy Vs Jason are simply sublime. You got either Freddy being decimated by Jason, or the Destiny's Child twat being splatted up a tree.

23. A great quote from a horror movie: "NO. She was so hot!" The Taint. There's also a line about dirty coathangers that made me LOL.

24. Horror movie character that describes you: Well since The 40 Year Old Virgin isn't a horror movie, I guess I'll have to go with The Monster in Frankenstein. Villagers are always chasing me away with flaming torches and my only friends are blind old people. Also, I like drowning children.

25. Favourite Christmas horror movie: Silent Night Deadly Night.

26. Horror movie for a chicken: Twilight.

27. Your guilty pleasure horror movie: The Wicker Man/I Know Who Killed Me.

28. Horror movie you'd like to see remade: I actually would see a remake of Maniac Cop if done right. Bruce Campbell in the old cop role, Timothy Olyphant as the other guy, Danny Glover as the police chief, Zooey Deschanel as the love interest, the big Hills Have Eyes mutant as Maniac Cop. Alexandre Aja to direct.

29. Worst horror movie: Twilight. It's not horror? Then fuck it off out of's 'horror' section. Otherwise, probably one of the many terrible things I don't care to remember.

30. Favourite all-time horror movie: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.


  1. Love the first horror movie story. Did you ever get your plug back? Think I may have a go at the 30 Minute Horror Challenge too, when I've got 3 hours+ to spare.

  2. I think so; either that or a new TV. Actually, I think I stole their portable Black & White thing for my illegal telly watching activities.

    You totally should, I'd be interested in seeing your answers.

  3. First of all, thanks for the follow on my blog!

    I haven't seen as many horror films as I should but, looking at the ones you mentioned here, I've seen quite a few (although I'll admit I've never even heard of Maniac Cops). I'll have to start improving on the horror genre.

  4. You're quite welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog. And you should definitely check out Maniac Cop - it's a true gem.