Pat The Zombie

Creators: Aaron Ximm, Kaveh Soofi

If you thought that Pride And Prejudice And Zombies was the height of the zombie mashup spoof, think again. Pat The Zombie is quite possibly one of the more awesome things I've ever been sent and, crucially, is a lot more fun than Pride And Prejudice And Zombies.

Pat The Zombie is a touch-and-feel style book, the kind you might have read as a child. Only with zombies. Zombies would have vastly improved my childhood. Now it says on the cover that Pat The Zombie is an adult spoof, but I'd definitely let my spawn read it. After all, their future survival might depend on it. It's every bit as informative as The Zombie Survival Guide.

Just like all of those crappy books you giggled over as a brat, Pat The Zombie is made up of of sections to titillate the senses; stroke the (zombie) rabbit's fur; scratch & sniff through the (zombie) remains*; look in a mirror for infection; poke your finger through a hole in (zombie) mummy's skull. All this is accompanied by some delightfully gory artwork that spoofs the original piece wonderfully.

Pat The Zombie had me laughing like a fetish model in a czech tickle video all of the way through. It even comes in a neat little display box. A perfect gift for the morbid child or immature horror fan in your house.

* The scratch & sniff bit is actually horrible. Inhale at your own peril.

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