Free shit: The Hungering

The Hungering is a comic I wrote and illustrated several years back. The plot: After returning from a mountain-climbing-expedition-gone-wrong, Norman Fulcher is a man haunted. He finds himself struck with an insatiable desire for human flesh. I know, the story is a rip-off of that movie you saw with John Saxon; but stick with it. Eventually, the writer/illustrator gets bored and just starts killing shit for the sake of shit. It's badly illustrated and the writing style is hackneyed and substandard. There's an obvious love for video nasties there, but it never develops a life of its own. Whichever idiot created this should instantly be banned from ever being allowed near a word-processor/pencil/crayons again.

Incidentally, it's written and illustrated by me. And you get it for free, because I wouldn't ask anyone to pay for this shit. Download it from Megaupload in pdf format.

The Hungering gets 0/5 screaming Scream Queens, because it's shit. Decide for yourself and download the bastard thing ( in case you're too stupid to notice the subtle weblinks scattered throughout this review).


  1. lol omg i freaking loved it! lol maybe i have bad tastes but i thought it was cute as hell :) You should write more :)

  2. Thank you muchley :-)
    I still write/illustrate a fair bit, but never seem to have the attention span to finish stuff. Watch this space, I may post s'more soon... :-D