Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: The Nightmare Warriors (issues 2-6)

What the fuck just happened? So the first FvJvA got itself a heap of criticism for being predictable and a rehash of the horror icons’ best moments. But with Nightmare Warriors, it’s like they went in a completely opposite direction this time and turned everything on its head. Reading this shit makes Zombieiener 2 look sobering.

My early predictions were right. Following issue 1, Ash joins up with a team of survivors and saves the day. There are more than a few curveballs here, with practically every past Friday and Nightmare hero, ever showing up to get a few digs in. Most notably, ‘Dream Master’ Alice and Tommy Jarvis. And, as also hinted at early on, Freddy ends up ruling the world with the help of the Necronomicon and an army of Deadites. Because neither of them ever seem to learn (well one of them is is head-disabled and the other an arrogant paedophile), Jason allows Freddy to use him as a pawn again. I daresay this all would’ve worked out if Kuhoric had toned down the stupid. But he hasn’t. Nightmare Warriors is one of the most ridiculous comics I’ve ever read.

Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: The Bad Photoshoppening

A stupid storyline is fine in itself, but by the end, Freddy and Jason are near unrecognizable. The whole ‘world domination’ thing feels out of character for Freddy (essentially just a neighbourhood paedophile) and Jason is pretty much transformed into Billy Ray Cyrus. From issue 3 onwards, he wanders around with a girly haircut, crying for his momma. Crucially, he’s no longer as retarded. For me, no comic-book Ash has ever gelled with the Bruce Campbell version we all know and love, and Nightmare Warriors is no different. The wisecracks aren’t as witty, there’s too little slapstick and there’s none of the cowardice we’d associate with Evil Dead’s Ash. It's just some dude running around in a bad shirt, with a chainsaw stapped to his hand.

It’s well-illustrated, though, which is a nice diversion. Craig’s artwork is a lot more consistent than it was in the first arc, and is always cool to look at. There’s plenty of action over the course of the comic. The final showdown is epic stuff; it’s just a shame that the characters visibly (fucking Billy Ray Jason) and tonally aren’t as they should be.

It’s a shame that Nightmare Warriors doesn’t really work, since it’s obvious that the creators have a love for the source material. The whole thing is set up ready for a sequel. Hopefully next time, Kuhoric will tone things down a little bit, and be able to find the characters again.

2/5 screaming Scream Queens!!!

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